Ripening Avocados on Gridley Trail, Ojai

Gridley trail is close to home yet provides me with a perfect sense of seclusion and serenity.  It’s amazing how close the perfect getaway can be.  The desire to find a peaceful haven begins at such an early age; I can’t imagine a child anywhere in the world who hasn’t tried to construct a fort with whatever resources available to try to get away from it all.

I still try to escape the world of grownups.  My years of work as a preschool teacher allowed me to go back in time by listening carefully to the thought processes of developing minds, softening the mistaken constructs I have formed as an adult and helping me return to a more open, imaginative state.  I take this mindset with me into the mountains where I look, listen and feel with my heart.

Here’s what I found today:


Thank you, Uncle John, for the new camera.  Your gentle heart and generous spirit never cease to amaze me.

Furry Flowers on Cozy Dell Trail, Ojai

I had a little time before I needed to pick up Phoebe today so I headed out for a short hike on my own.  My huffing and puffing while keeping pace with Matthew has been shameful, so I had to “show my muscles who’s boss” as he suggested.  After charging up the hillside and collapsing on some perfectly curved rocks in the blessed shade, I paused at the summit to snap some photos and explore my environs more slowly on the way back…