Carpinteria Bluffs in November

This is my idea of how to spend a chilly November morning: in the company of curious seals, exploring interesting, fragile rock formations while the wind whips the surface of the sea into white caps.  Dry sand snaked across the slick wet sand like wisps of incense smoke.  A sign said that the beach is closed during seal mating season around the beginning of December but Matthew and I observed nearly a dozen of them peeking their heads out of the surf to peer at us as we were leaving.  It seems best not to disturb them in November, either!

A seal peers at us from the waves.

Oil bubbles up from underground. This is what is referred to as “tar sands”… To extract the oil for commercial use, people steam the sand in order to separate it from the oil. This is very damaging to the environment because it tears up the beach and uses massive amounts of fresh water for steaming, a limited resource, and the yield of oil is relatively small at great cost.

4 thoughts on “Carpinteria Bluffs in November

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  2. Gods, what beautiful pictures! I LOVE Carpinteria. I’m from ALL the way out on the other coast, but I have family in Southern California and we used to visit all the time. It’d still love to live there someday.

    • That’s great; I’m glad you enjoyed them! Matthew took most of these 🙂 I would like to live there in Carpinteria too, one day. For now I live in my hometown, Ojai, and next on the list is Santa Cruz.

      • Oh, nice! You both take great photos. My family out there is mostly in the Thousand Oaks vicinity, but they go all over the place. So far, my favorite views in California are the ones from Decker Canyon Road — when any of my relatives from the East Coast could get up the nerve to drive on it! 🙂

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