Ripening Avocados on Gridley Trail, Ojai

Gridley trail is close to home yet provides me with a perfect sense of seclusion and serenity.  It’s amazing how close the perfect getaway can be.  The desire to find a peaceful haven begins at such an early age; I can’t imagine a child anywhere in the world who hasn’t tried to construct a fort with whatever resources available to try to get away from it all.

I still try to escape the world of grownups.  My years of work as a preschool teacher allowed me to go back in time by listening carefully to the thought processes of developing minds, softening the mistaken constructs I have formed as an adult and helping me return to a more open, imaginative state.  I take this mindset with me into the mountains where I look, listen and feel with my heart.

Here’s what I found today:


Thank you, Uncle John, for the new camera.  Your gentle heart and generous spirit never cease to amaze me.

16 thoughts on “Ripening Avocados on Gridley Trail, Ojai

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  2. Your blog is amazing, erica! Love the places you are visiting. You got quite an itchy feet for traveling and hiking and an eye for great scenes to capture.

  3. The photos are amazing. I trained many time with the Army in the Texas and California desert. The beauty of the desert is for the wise to see. I saw the desert flowers bloom. It is like a miracle to see how many things can live in a desert. Thank you for the photos. I was station in California for four years. Those photos are very good. Make me wish to be by the sea again. Thank you.

    • Thank you, I’m glad it has value for you. I love this climate as well. Next summer, though, I will be moving away to Santa Cruz to live between among the redwoods by the sea. That will be new for me. Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

      • I wrote my best poetry in Santa Cruz. In 1992-1994 I did many poetry reading from Big Surf to San Francisco. Best days of my life. Next year I want to roam the coastline again. Thank you the photos. I wished I took more.

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